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Wednesday June 8, 2011

Self-styled prophet talks about lewd acts

HARUN MAT Saat, who claims to be the prophesied messiah Imam Mahdi, talked about lewd acts during a series of “religious” ceramah aimed at promoting his get-rich-quick scheme, reported Harian Metro.

Imam Mahdi is prophesied to appear on earth to establish a reign of peace and righteousness before doomsday.

Mat Saat, 45, who is on Bank Negara's wanted list, claims he has the power to reposition the moon, sun and stars.

The tabloid also reported that Bank Negara, which is investigating an alleged scam involving Harun and five other individuals, had frozen Harun's assets worth RM200mil.

Kalam Abdullah, 30, who attended one of his ceramah, was quoted as saying that Harun claimed he did not have to pray because he could meet and communicate with God.

> The tabloid also highlighted that four National Service trainees were caught ingesting the intoxicating ketum drink at a camp in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

It quoted sources as saying the trainees were caught with the drink in a storeroom at about 8am.

The trainees were brought to the Kota Kuala Muda police station and then to the Kuala Muda district police headquarters Narcotics Department for urine tests.

Police detained one of them who tested positive for drugs, while the rest were released as their results were negative.

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