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Thursday June 30, 2011

Hackers target social networking sites

INTERNET users have been warned not to reveal their bank account or telephone numbers on social networking websites as they could end up being the victims of hackers, reported Harian Metro.

The daily reported that the hackers' modus operandi was to get the personal particulars as well as phone and bank account numbers of their victims before applying for credit cards online.

“After receiving the credit cards, they will buy products from websites with weak security using certain techniques and codes,” it said.

It added that these tactics, known as “Black Hat Hacker” or “Cracker”, were revealed by two former hackers, who only wanted to be identified as Zul and Madi.

Weak security: Internet users should take precautions to ensure they do not end up as victims of hackers.

The two friends, who are in their 30s, said it was easier to collect full details of their victims from social networking websites as they did not have very strong protection.

According to Zul, hackers prefer to buy products from websites managed by administrators outside the country as it would be difficult for foreign websites to take legal action against them.

“We normally buy products from Britain and other European countries.

“Many of these companies use very weak payment gateways which allow a third party to process the transaction between the buyer and the seller and does not have any link with a bank.

“These third parties do not have any information of the buyers and it makes transactions easy for us hackers,” he said.

> Kosmo! reported that those on morning shifts contribute to 68.9% of accidents compared to 14.6% of those who did afternoon shifts and 16.7% on the night shift.

Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan said the high accident rate during the morning was due to traffic congestion as many road users did not plan their journey.

She said distracted minds and rushing to clock in were some of the reasons workers met with accidents on their way to work.

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