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Friday June 17, 2011

Wives, treat your husband as a king

I AGREE with the ideals behind the Obedient Wives Club – to create a harmonious relationship in marriage and avoid the social ills of divorce and break-up of families.

Treat the institution of the husband with respect for the role the husband plays as head of the family, just as we respect the chairman of a meeting for the office he holds.

A person will strive to live up to the high ideals and expectations of those who have reposed their implicit faith, trust and confidence and admiration in him, even if he didn’t have such qualities to begin with.

You pay him in advance by showing him the implicit faith, trust and unwavering confidence you have in him, by clothing him with the noble and sterling qualities you expect of him (as if he already has them) and he will grow to fill the shoes, however big these may be for him at the beginning.

It will be a very painful betrayal to let down the ones who virtually hero-worship you by not living up to their ardent expectations of you.

So if the wife treats the husband as a king he will acquire king-like qualities of caring, compassion, protection, magnanimity, etc, and he will always put the wife and family first and never do anything that is not in the best interest of the wife and family.

The respect and admiration is for the noble qualities that go with the “office” of the king or the “office” of the husband.

And it is incumbent on the husband to live up to the high ideals and expectations his admiring wife has of him and not lose the trust and faith she has in him.

Once he betrays the trust and confidence his doting wife has in him, life can be hell for him at home or maybe even worse, as hell has no fury like a woman betrayed.

Kuala Lumpur.


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