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Saturday June 11, 2011

Drive to focus on kids’ health

THIS year, World Vision Malaysia’s 30-Hour Famine 2011 seeks to raise public awareness on the importance of children’s health and hygienic practices in reducing infant and child deaths.

Local singer-songwriter turned director Aniu has been signed on as this year’s famine ambassador.

He visited one of World Vision’s projects in Thailand to get a deeper understanding of the organisation’s work and approach towards advocating for children’s health.

He was joined by other local celebrities MYFM announcers Wai Fun and Jym as well as 8TV hosts — Mei Sim, Lawrence, Winson and Dennis, who shared their new-found knowledge and experience with 18 children from Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled recently.

For the children: Aniu with the children during his visit to one of World Vision’s projects in Thailand.

The foundation is one of the beneficiaries of the campaign.

Aniu said while Malaysian children might not suffer the acute nutritional and health deprivation as children from poor communities in other countries, the challenge was that most of them did not take interest in the most basic hygiene practices and were not aware of the consequences that would affect their well-being.

“Our mission today is to help them understand the importance of maintaining simple hygienic practices and consuming balanced and nutritious meals.

“Hopefully, through the fun activities, they will not only learn but remember,” said the boyish-looking Aniu.

Beautiful Gate founder Sia Siew Chin said many children easily succumbed to flu, diarrhoea, stomach aches and fever.

“Hopefully with the lessons learnt from our famous visitors, they will be more diligent in their practices,” said Sia.

The educational and fundraising project is undertaken by selected World Vision offices.

Participants of the event raise funds by foregoing solid food for 30 hours. The fast can be done individually or within a group. Funds raised are used to help World Vision to bring long-term communal transformation and development that will benefit children and families in need.

Those interested in participating in this year’s 30-Hour Famine can log on to www.worldvision.com.my/famine or call 03-7880 6414.


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