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Friday April 8, 2011

The miracles of healing touch

BACK in 2007, Victor Tan Eng Yew was at his wits’ end trying to seek a cure for his two-year-old son’s ailment, Biliary Atresia, a liver disease.

His long and painstaking journey led him to the Penang Longevitology Association where members devote their time to help ailing ones through chakra adjustments, so the bodies could absorb the universal energy to restore health.

It is believed that by absorbing the universal energy, the body cells will be activated and this will result in stronger immunity.

Tan, who visited a number of hospitals in Penang and even Singapore, said they told him the same thing — his son needed a liver transplant.

“I would need to cough up RM500,000 for the operation as the insurance company would not cover the expenses because it is a congenital disease,” he said, adding that he even paid RM30 a day for a qi gong master to treat his son.

The 39-year-old marketing manager said he then chanced upon Longevitology and decided to give it a try.

“I thought why not as it is free of charge and I am desperate to find a cure for my son,” he recalled.

Tan claimed that within two months, his son became more active and did not fall sick that frequently anymore.

“His eyes are not yellow anymore and he does not contract fever as often as before, which are all symptoms of liver disease patients,” he said.

Tan added that after one year of treatment, doctors declared that his son did not need to go through a liver transplant anymore.

“My wife and I were so happy and could not believe the miracle that has befallen us.”

Tan said he still took his son, now an active six-year-old boy, for check-ups once every six months compared with every month in the past.

Tan was among nearly 1,000 people who attended the Penang Longevitology Association’s Fifth Elementary and Intermediate Workshop in Dewan Sri Pinang recently.

Led by co-founder of the Longevitology technique Master Lin Tzu-Chen (pic), the six-day session not only attracted locals but also foreigners from as far as Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.

During the workshops, the participants were given guidance and tips on how to perform the ‘adjustment’ by Master Lin.

Tan, who volunteers his service at the association’s centre in Bayan Baru, said the technique could benefit people from all walks of life as it did not involve religious, cultural or superstitious elements.

Another member, Lim Soh Gaik, claimed the technique had helped to overcome her ailment.

The 64-year-old woman said a stroke left her paralysed on the left side of her body a few years ago and doctors could not do much to help.

“After only three visits, I started to feel the energy coursing through the left side of my body again and I could grab objects with my left hand,” she said.

Lim said these days, she had no trouble walking and felt “as healthy as a tiger.”


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