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Tuesday April 19, 2011

Lorries dumping waste into mining ponds in Kundang

LORRY loads of rubbish are being dumped into two abandoned mining ponds in Kundang and residents are worried that pollution will kill the many species of fish.

Sabrina Yeap, who founded the Furry Friends Farm in Kundang, said lorries were dumping waste into the ponds near their plot.

“As our farm has many dogs and cats, we use the water from the pond to clean the kennels and bathe the animals.

Marring the environment: An excavator being used to push the rubbish into ponds near Fury Friends Farm.

“Our volunteers have placed a red tape to block lorries from dumping waste into the ponds.

“We are concerned about the pollution and damage to the environment,’’ she said.

A volunteer, M. Shahrul, said there were many species of fish like haruan, talapia and lampam in the ponds.

Shahrul said the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) should catch the culprits and clean up the ponds.

“We made a complaint a week ago to the Gombak Land Office but no action has been taken,’’ he said.

Big pile: Yeap (left) and Shahrul looking at the rubbish piled near the pond behind the farm.

MPS Special Mission and Response Team (SMART) chief Paramasivam Chelliah said he was unaware about the dump site and would deploy his team to check on the situation.

“We want to check if these operators have approval from MPS for carrying out earth work in the area and take action accordingly.

“If we find the action to be illegal, we will fine the operators,’’ he said.


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