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Monday April 18, 2011

Flip Flops beach fest strikes right chord with party-goers

SATURDAY night at Damai Puri Resort and Spa was certainly a night to remember, as over a thousand revellers and party-goers converged on the resort to attend the Flip Flops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011.

People began to arrive as early as 9am to experience the other rides and activities the carnival had to offer, but what they were really looking forward to was the rave party which began at 8pm.

Sponsored by BarZing Boutique Club along with the resort, and organised by Events Horizon, a host of international deejays were flown in from countries such as Indonesia, Italy, Australia and the US to perform at the fest.

Stage lights and sound systems began to flare, signaling thestart of the party.

DJ Davide Succi setting up a track

DJ Boyguth from BarZing, Kuching was first to get the party started as he opened for DJ Co2an from Melbourne, who really got the crowd going despite the heavy rain.

Many of the attendees who were gathering on the grounds began to disperse when the rain started but as it gradually became a drizzle, the crowd swelled to the thousands.

The cheers were deafening as the deejays spun a variety of house and trance music.

DJ Delizious Devina accompanied by singer Leeya from Jakarta were up next and got the crowd going wild with their combination of pop tunes mixed with heart pumping beats.

DJ Davide Succi from Italy, who is rated as one of the top 100 deejays in the world, was accompanied by special guest guitarist Theron from the US.

Sizzling track: DJ Delizious Devina from Indonesia getting into the mix.

Both dazzled the crowd with their own unique blend of house, electronic dance and melodical guitar lines, something previously unheard of at rave parties.

The excitement reached fever pitch as the party lasted straight past midnight, with all the deejays on stage dancing and mixing music along with the crowd, many of whom were covered in mud and rain.

The euphoria on their faces was a good sign that the party had met all of their expectations.

Thumping music could be heard all around the resort until the party finally came to an end at 3am yesterday.


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