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Wednesday March 23, 2011

DIY healing therapies

Do-it-yourself: Chuah demonstrating pai da on her inner elbow.

AT first glance, it appeared to be an irresistible act of impulse.

But Chuah Li Choon never regretted the day she wrote to a renowned Chinese medical practitioner to give a talk in Malaysia about three months ago.

For that spur of the moment action has borne fruit. Come June 6, Dr Xiao Hong Chi will be in Penang to present a free health seminar titled ‘Simple & Easy Ways to Heal Ourselves of Common Diseases or Illnesses’.

The 49-year-old healer, writer, trainer and international speaker is scheduled to deliver his talk (in Mandarin and English) at the Han Chiang High School hall at 7.30pm that day.

It all started when Chuah saw a Taiwanese show featuring Dr Xiao last November but she never get to see the end as she had to leave the house.

“However, I remembered his face and name,” she said, adding she stumbled upon Dr Xiao’s books - Yi Xing Tian Xia (Journey To Cure) volume one and two at a bookshop a few days later.

Recognising the name, she flipped through the books, bought them and finished them within two weeks.

That was when Chuah, who is a consultant, trainer and managing partner of Yi Consultancy, decided to send an email to Dr Xiao.

Dr Xiao: Advocates natural self-healing.

“I was only thinking how good he is and I want more people to know about what he advocates,” she said.

But what caught her attention was the seemingly ‘simple do-it-yourself healing therapies’ she learned from the books.

“There is no medicine or surgery involved. Just natural self-healing.

“The methods are simple, easy and most of all free. Anyone can do it any time and anywhere,” she enthused.

Chuah said the two most common methods advocated by Dr Xiao were pai da (patting and slapping) on certain parts of the body and stretching of jin (Chinese medical terminology similar to ligaments, tendons and muscles).

And since she started practising the therapies, she claimed she had experienced improvements in her urination and skin problems.

“I spent at least 30 minutes a day doing the jin stretching and mostly pai da while watching television,” she added.

Chuah said the talk was part of her company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme for the public.

“The seminar is free and I hope the public, especially the elderly and working adults, can take the opportunity to learn the simple self healing therapies,” she said.

According to Dr Xiao’s website (http://yixingtianxia.com/newpage/en/index.html), he gave up his successful career as a financier in Wall Street on his 40th birthday and began his journey to learn Chinese medicine.

Since then, he has been invited to give talks all over the world, including the United States and Europe.

Another seminar is planned for Kuala Lumpur on June 7.

Those interested in becoming sponsors or partners for the event can call Chuah at 012-4283265.


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