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Friday December 9, 2011

Gag order issued over ‘godfather-warlord’ row

GEORGE TOWN: Dr P. Ramasamy has been issued a gag order over the “godfather-warlord” squabble in the DAP.

The Penang Deputy Chief Minister II said he had been told not to make any more comments on the issue but refused to say who told him to shut up.

Earlier in the day, however, Dr Ramasamy had attacked fellow party member R.S.N. Rayer, who demanded that he apologise to DAP national chairman Karpal Singh for allegedly referring to senior party leaders as “godfathers”.

Rayer, who is Seri Delima assemblyman, had warned on Wednes­day that “all hell will break loose” at the Penang DAP convention on Sunday if Dr Rama­samy did not retract his statement.

A news portal had quoted Dr Ramasamy, who is also Penang DAP deputy chairman, as saying Rayer had “stooped so low” as to condemn him over a remark about godfathers just to curry favour with Karpal.

“It is this kind of personality cult and politics of intimidation that must be eradicated from the DAP,” said Dr Ramasamy, who is Prai assemblyman and Batu Kawan MP.

He also denied an allegation by Rayer that he had begged Karpal to give him the Penang DCM post.

He said the battle for more Indian representation in the state government had taken place in the central executive committee (CEC) after the 2008 polls.

“When I talked to him (Karpal) about the DCM post for an Indian, I did not mean it for myself. I asked it for the Indian community,” Dr Ramasamy said.

The quarrel between the two men was over a purported leak by Dr Ramasamy over several candidates said to be either shortlisted for the next general election or left out.

Karpal retaliated by saying the party would not tolerate warlords who push for any person to be fielded as election candidates.

Dr Ramasamy, in return, said DAP should get rid not only of warlords but also the godfathers.


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