Sunday December 4, 2011

Wife slits her wrist following argument with hubby

KUCHING: A housewife attempted suicide by slitting her wrist following an argument with her husband.

The 18-year-old from Pusa, Sri Aman came to stay with her husband, who works at a site constructing a shopping mall, at a hostel for workers in Jalan Song.

According to a colleague, who talked on anonymity, the couple moved here three months ago and they always quarrelled.

He described the housewife as the jealous type, always suspecting her husband of having an affair.

Before yesterday’s incident, she disappeared from the hostel while her husband’s colleagues searched for her in vain. Then a few days later, she reappeared.

At 9.30am, she went looking for her husband, who was watching telly in a colleague’s room as work had been called off due to a downpour.

Suspecting her husband of being unfaithful, she pulled him aside and a heated argument ensued.

Shortly after, she went back to her place, took out a pen knife and slit her left wrist.

By the time nearby workers managed to grab the knife from her, she was bleeding profusely.

The Sarawak General Hospital was contacted and an ambulance sent her for treatment.


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