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Saturday December 31, 2011

A river fish that has a craving for human genitals

A PIRANHA-like river fish that has been targeting fishermen's penises was discovered in the waters of Papua New Guinea.

Sin Chew Daily reported that two local fishermen had bled to death after having their private organs bitten off by the fish's razor-sharp teeth.

An experienced angler from Britain said it was believed the killer fish had started biting humans due to a lack of “naturally occurring food”.

Marine biologist Ian Middleton said the fish had the most human-like teeth on the bottom jaw he had ever seen.

He said the fish could have possibly fed on insects and might have detected a chemical change in the water before swimming up the urine trail and biting human genitals.

> Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported that a 40-year-old woman had knelt in the middle of a road in Penang, pleading to motorists to run her over so that she could end her life.

The Chinese national's sudden action at about 7pm on Wednesday shocked many passers-by. Many stopped their vehicles by the roadside to watch. Several people later helped pull her to the side of the road.

It was reported that the woman had been on the phone for a long time at a nearby hawker centre before she suddenly rushed out to the middle of the road.

Officers from the Penang voluntary security force helped to calm and monitor the woman so that she would not attempt suicide again. She was later taken to the police station.

The woman, who works as masseuse in the city, was said to have lost her cool after realising that she had been cheated and had her passport held by a male “friend”.

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