Tuesday November 8, 2011

Actress Azean Irdawaty in need of funds for expensive cancer treatment

AILING Malaysian actress Azean Irdawaty is in dire need of financial assistance for her cancer treatment.

“It is humiliating for me to ask for public donations for my cancer treatment.

“But I don’t have a choice. My medical bills cost RM30,000 a month and I am the major breadwinner in the family,” she added.

The 61-year-old, who is now bedridden, is battling stage four cancer. The cancer has already spread to her spinal chord, according to her doctor at the Beacon Hospital in Petaling Jaya.

The doctor, who declined to be named, has been paying for her CyberKnife treatment — the latest radiosurgery treatment for tumours, at the hospital for the past two weeks.

Fighting spirit: Azean puts on a cheerful front at the Beacon Hospital.

“I am in Beacon because a fan, who is a doctor here, is kind enough to sponsor my treatment.

“I am lucky that there are some good people who have helped me. But my medications alone cost RM7,000,” she said.

In the next six months, the veteran actress will need to raise RM180,000 for her CyberKnife treatments, which cost RM13,000 per session.

Her huge bills are also made up of medication, private nurses, physiotherapist, adult diapers and legal fees for her troubled son — actor Benjy who was arrested on suspicion of drug abuse last year.

Despite being confined to her hospital bed, the mother-of-three displays strong fighting spirit, saying, “I am not the type to lament and ask ‘Why me?’ I choose to stay positive. I want to feel good. I like to celebrate every single moment of my life.”

Azean also tries her best to work — by doing direct sales business through the phone.

Generous fans who wish to help Azean can contact Beacon Hospital at 03-7620-7979.


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