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Monday October 3, 2011

MCA heading in the right direction, ready to face polls

KUALA LUMPUR: The spirit of unity and the upbeat mood during the MCA general assembly shows the party is ready to face the general election.

“None of the delegates raised internal party matters. This is the first time where the arrow is pointed outside,” party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said of his more than 20 years of experience in attending the party's AGM.

Speaking after the close of the one-day AGM, he said it was important to expose the many weaknesses, follies and tactics of the Opposition parties, particularly that of the DAP.

Dr Chua said the Barisan Nasional for instance had allocated land for seven Chinese primary schools in Selangor since the 2008 general election, but none from the Pakatan Rakyat which was the state government.

He said the delegates were furious with DAP for not being firm over PAS' mission of implementing hudud law which would have adverse effects on the non-Muslim community. During the debate earlier, Gopeng delegate Ho Siew Lian noted that the Government had made positive changes via its Economic Transformation Programme and Government Transformation Programme.

Despite that, she said there were still complaints from the people and Barisan should see this as part and parcel of democracy.

Batu Kawan delegate Tan Lee Huat said shouting the word change would not lead to anything while Klang delegate Tee Hooi Ling said Pakatan's shouting of change was just an empty slogan.

Kota Marudu delegate Sooi Hai Soon hoped more MCA leaders could visit Sabah to understand the needs of the Sabahan Chinese.

To that, Dr Chua said four party ministers, seven deputy ministers and himself would visit the state 24 times a year, meaning each would make two visits a year.

The AGM was attended by 1,807 or 76% of the 2,360 delegates.

The assembly passed 16 resolutions on party affairs, politics, economy, education, society and religion.

They fully supported the party central committee's decision to decline all government posts should the party's performance in the next general election comes off worse than the 2008 elections.

They also endorsed the Prime Minister's action to repeal the Internal Security Act 1960 and the proposal to amend the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

They condemned DAP's use of racist propaganda in dividing the Chinese community, thereby weakening the community's representation in the Government.

In the economic area, the party called on the Government to implement the minimum wage system to prevent abuses and reduce dependence on foreign labour.

They also urged the Government to address the issue of brain drain.

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