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Friday October 28, 2011

MRT a blessing that will bring development

AS a regular visitor to KL city, I am constantly amazed at how quickly the country has developed in some areas while other areas seem to be stagnating.

Sadly, Petaling Street and Jalan Sultan are beginning to stand out like a sore thumb.

The buildings are old and dilapidated and some even look abandoned.

The place at night comes alive with pushcarts and foreign nationals making the name Chinatown sound a little bit out of place. I have been reading with interest the current news, and in my opinion, heritage site it is definitely not.

News that there will be redevelopment in the area connected to a new MRT line comes as a blessing.

If done properly, we will be

able to appreciate the various designs and architecture of the shophouses, temples and public spaces restored and brought to life again.

There will be more efficient movement of people and vehicles in the vicinity.

The MRT will also make it easier for visitors like me to go my favourite spots such as Central Market, Peter Ho, flower market and the many trinkets and oddity treasures.

One only has to look at the redevelopment of the former turf club land along Jalan Ampang to see how connectivity and development can bring benefits to a city and its people.

While previously it was only for the benefit of a few punters, today the entire area supports parks, water features, malls, hotels, offices and condominiums that can be enjoyed by many.

I am not suggesting for the same thing to happen to Chinatown but at the same time the area should not be allowed to deteriorate.

The MRT will bring development and tourist dollars to this once bustling commercial district and can be a magnificent showcase of the people who contributed immensely to this great city instead of what it looks today.




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