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Tuesday January 25, 2011

Fishy deaths near Tambun cemetery

IPOH: Hundreds of fish believed to be poisoned were found dead in a pond near a cemetery in Tambun here.

Graveyard worker Bala Sudunapala, 42, said he arrived at the cemetery and was hit with a stench.

Dead in the water: Hundreds of dead fish, washed up on the banks of a pond, causing a stench near a cemetery in Tambun, Ipoh yesterday. — Bernama

“Then I saw the fish floating in the pond,” he said, adding that he recalled seeing two men emptying a bottle of liquid into the pond on Saturday afternoon.

He claimed that the men, who were there until 6pm that day, subsequently hauled off three sacks filled with fish.

Bala said that locals fished at the pond.

The dead fish eventually flowed into a drain outside the cemetery.

Perak Fisheries Department officials went to investigate the matter in the afternoon.


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