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Wednesday September 1, 2010

SYM Malaysia doing well with high-powered scooters, new models out next year

MORE Taiwan-made motorcycles and scooters from San Yang Motor (SYM) will be introduced in the Malaysian market in the coming months following a good response in the country.

SYM Malaysia region general manager Henry Lu said, since the company entered the market in 2008, it introduced five models including the latest sporty and powerful Bonus 110.

Citing an example, he said the Bonus 110 was launched in Penang in June and nearly 2,000 units were sold within two months.

“This is a good figure compared to the competitors which sell a similar range of mopeds or low-powered motorcycles. Our two high-powered scooters Evo 250i and VTS 200, introduced about a year ago, are also doing well in the market,” he said in Kuching.

“We expect to unveil two new models in the fourth quarter of the year that target young ladies. They are the scooter models called Mio and Attila that are between 100cc and 110cc.”

SYM, a leading scooter manufacturer in the world, also planned to introduce high-powered scooters from 400cc to 600cc next year, said Lu.

He said there was a potential market for high-powered scooters in the country because they would eventually replace the mopeds as the nation progressed, as seen in countries like Taiwan and in Europe.

“High-powered scooters are also the preferred vehicle among executives,” he added.

Earlier, Lu announced that the local Ghee Hua Company was appointed as the authorised dealer for SYM motorcycles and scooters in Sarawak to sell and provide after-sales service.

He said the Bonus 110 was designed to cater to the needs of the lower-income group and was sold at RM3,888.

Ghee Hua Company managing partner Frankie Lau said that those who purchased the Bonus 110 between Sept 1 and Oct 31 would be provided with two complimentary services for their motorbikes.


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