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Tuesday May 4, 2010

Friend recounts eventful night out with Aminulrasyid

SHAH ALAM: The friend of Aminulrasyid Amzah, who was with him when he was shot dead, has recounted how he died in his lap after an unexpected pursuit by police.

Giving his version of the tragic night, Azamuddin Omar, 15, claimed they had earlier tried to escape from a group of motorcyclists who had gone after them.

Azamuddin also alleged that he was assaulted by policemen later.

Recounting the events, he said Aminulrasyid had invited him out for drinks at Section 7.

As they were driving off from Ali Corner restaurant after their drinks, he said Aminulrasyid grazed a car.

His story: Azamuddin giving his account of events leading up to the shooting of Aminulrasyid by police in Shah Alam on April 26. He was accompanied to yesterday’s press conference at Aminulrasyid’s family home by his school’s parent teacher association representative Monaliza Mohtar (middle). With them is Aminulrasyid’s mother Norsiah Mohamad. — K.K. SHAM / The Star

“He then said he wanted to go straight home to Section 11,” Azamuddin told a press conference at Aminulrasyid’s family home here yesterday.

Once they arrived at Section 11, he claimed that five motorcyclists chased after them.

Both boys, who were still in their car, decided to flee.

Azamuddin also alleged that one of the motorcycles crashed into the rear of their car.

He then said that Aminulrasyid happened to overtake a police car in front of a complex.

Subsequently, the police began pursuing them until a Caltex station near Aminulrasyid’s home.

“I heard gunshots when we turned into a junction. When we reached the junction into Jalan Tarian, the police had shot the tyres and the car,” claimed Azamuddin.

He claimed Aminulrasyid said he did not want to stop the car and that he wanted to keep driving until he reached home. During that period, the police were still firing at them.

“Aminulrasyid died in my lap after a bullet hit him in the head, but the car kept moving as his foot was on the accelerator pedal,” he said.

After the car crashed into a wall, Azamuddin said he got out of the vehicle and fell into a drain.

At that point, he claimed that one policeman assaulted him, joined later by at least four other officers.

“I managed to escape and made my way home,” he said.

“After watching the evening news accusing us of being robbers, I lodged a police report,” said Azamuddin, who was sombre throughout the press conference, speaking in a soft voice.

He took questions in a calm manner. Aminulrasyid’s mother Norsiah Mohamad, 60, who sat next to him, wept silently at times.

Azamuddin also showed reporters bruises he received from the alleged assault.

The boy is still attending school but is receiving counselling for the traumatic night.

Aminulrasyid was shot at 2am on April 26 after he allegedly tried to reverse the car he was driving into the policemen.

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