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Wednesday May 26, 2010

Terminator attractions launched at Sunway Lagoon

THE first ever Terminator attraction in South East Asia was launched recently with a tribute to the iconic movie at the Lynton V Harris Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon.

Thrill seekers can now step into the fictional world of SkyNET aided by soldiers through the maze and gunfire.

During the day, the Terminator Alive will transport visitors right into the heart of the action in a live walkthrough attraction based on the movie franchise.

The Terminator X is a live laser battle for salvation which comes on exclusively at night for Sunway Lagoon’s Nite Park.

All ready: Soo (centre) with the soldiers at the Launch of Terminator Alive! and Terminator X at the Scream Park.

It is an interactive laser battle with two teams on opposite ends trying to outdo each other.

Combatants are greeted by elite SkyNET soldiers working for Cyberdine Industries and recruited to test new laser weaponry in the battle arena.

Recruits are evaluated and given scores based on their performance.

The entertainment does not stop there as the Scream Park offers a chilling experience, which will leave anyone feeling scared.

As guests enter, they will start at a foreboding theatre area at The Pontianak Theatre of Fear.

The next attraction is based on the Ben Stiller blockbuster and is called the Nite at the Museum-Alive & Scary, which will either have guests screaming and laughing.

Things get more intense at the all new Rumah Hantu in 3D as guests will come face to face with some of the most feared creatures like the Pontianak and Pocong.

I’m coming for you: The Pontianak lurking behind the tree waiting for its victim at the Scream Park.

Brace yourself in the Tunnel of Penanggal in 3D with flying heads.

Sunway Lagoon chief executive officer Aaron Soo, dressed like Arnold Schwarzenegger, greeted guests at the launch event.

He said they wanted to bring out the best entertainment for the people.

For Sudden Impact! Enter­tain­ment Company chairman and chief executive officer Harris, this was the third installation of the Terminator-inspired attraction.

He said that all have been successful and it fit well with Sunway Lagoon, which is one of the greatest attractions in Malaysia.

“We launched the first in Australia last year and followed by the one in Montreal, Canada

“This is the first time we are launching a double attraction,” he said.

Harris said they had re-engineered the whole Scream Park and added this new attraction.


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