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Tuesday May 18, 2010

Ibrahim labels Chinese as ungrateful

PETALING JAYA: Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali has labelled the Chinese as ungrateful for not voting Barisan Nasional despite its promises and pledges to help the community during the campaign period for the Sibu by-election.

In a statement on the Perkasa website yesterday, Ibrahim, who is Pasir Mas MP, claimed the Chinese voters in Sibu had not appreciated the promises of projects and financial assistance made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“The Chinese voters didn’t appreciate what has been given by the Prime Minister to them, for example, his support for vernacular schools and so on.

“The Chinese voters openly supported the DAP policies. The Chinese voters want their own ways to prevail, despite the bumiputras having to ‘swallow’ the Barisan Nasional’s call for compromise to allow the Chinese community to have their wish,” he said here yesterday.

It was the second such statement by the controversial independent MP after his earlier statement asking the Government to delay development for the Chinese community after Barisan Nasional won the Hulu Selangor by-election last month.

MCA publicity bureau deputy chief Loh Seng Kok, meanwhile, challenged Ibrahim to come up with more constructive statements on how to realise the 1Malaysia concept instead of questioning the Chinese support for Barisan.

“Does Ibrahim Ali have any recommendations on how to resolve the people’s grievances?” Loh asked in a statement yesterday.


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