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Friday May 14, 2010

Bluunis launces programme for women

The launch of “bluutiful passport”, featuring the Bluunis brand for ladies beauty and care products was witnessed by corporate guests and the media at Sunway Pyramid last week.

The CEO and founder of Bluunis James Tan launched the event which was attended by celebrities Chris Tung, Emily Lim, Isaac Ong, Joannabella and Soo Winci.

Tan said more than 100,000 women all over the world had encountered positive results after undergoing the Bluunis treatment.

Celebrities: From left, Issac Ong, Chris Tong, Emily Lim, James Tan, Soo Wincci and Joanne Belle posing at the launch of Bluunis Passport an Elite membership for women.

“We are not emphasising on outlook makeover instead we activate your inner potential and confidence to make you feel good about yourself,” Tan said at the launch with the theme “A Journey to Beauty with Bluunis”.

“We offer an elite membership for women who believe they deserve to be beautiful and young. Our belief is that every woman deserves to be constantly pampered.

“Apart from enjoying unlimited rewards and special rates for treatment packages, members will also be provided with seasonal gifts, vouchers, birthday surprises as well as complimentary treatment every year,” added Tan.

Among Bluunis customers who shared their testimonies on the amazing results were 37-year-old Chong Su Pei, Molly Teoh, 46, and Tina Khoo, 61.

For more information on Bluutiful Passport, call 1800-88-2868.


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