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Wednesday April 14, 2010

DAP’s Wong wants young blood to stand in Sibu polls

SIBU: Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng is reluctant to take another shot at the Sibu parliamentary seat in the coming by-election.

He said it was not because he feared losing but that he wanted to see young blood being groomed in the party.

The Bukit Assek assemblyman said that he had already recommended several candidates to his party’s leadership.

“It does not have to be me,” Wong said when told that he was DAP’s front-runner for the candidacy.

Wong denied yesterday that he was afraid to contest because he would lose his credibility as Sarawak DAP chairman if he lost.

“I recommended others because DAP wants to groom younger leaders so we will have continuity,” he said.

He said he had shortlisted six possible candidates – Sarawak DAP publicity chief David Wong, Sibu DAP deputy chairman Lau Hui Ung, assistant organising secretary Stephen Lu, his special assistant Yap Hoi Liong, and new members Wong Ching Yong and Alice Lau Kiong Yieng.

Wong, however, said if it was the party’s wish for him to stand, he would abide by it.

“It’s like going to battle. I will obey the general’s orders,” Wong said.

Wong said many DAP leaders from Peninsular Malaysia had promised to assist Sibu DAP in the by-election.

“In fact, some of them were here a few days ago to discuss election matters with us,” Wong added.

He was also pleased that many Sarawak PKR leaders had pledged their support to DAP if the party contested in the polls.

In the March 2008 election, Wong lost by a margin of 3,549 votes to Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Robert Lau, who garnered 19,295 votes in a three-cornered fight.

Lau, the Deputy Transport Minister, died last Friday from liver cancer.


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