Wednesday March 31, 2010

Flash floods the focus of Selayang meeting

TWO flash floods occurred in Rawang on Monday evening, one of which caused traffic chaos until 1am.

This was disclosed at the Selayang Municipal Council full board meeting yesterday by councillor Gunarajah R. George, who said the flash flood along Jalan Batu Arang from Rawang leading to Bandar Country Homes had resulted in the congestion.

“This has been a longstanding problem for more than 10 years now. The downpour was just too heavy for the drains to cope causing the water to overflow in four areas,” he said.

He said while the contra-flow introduced since Feb 7 along Jalan Sungai Bakau-Batang-Berjuntai had helped in reducing traffic congestion from the Rawang toll to Bandar Country Homes and Rawang town on normal days, the Federal Government, which is supposed to widen the road, will also need to deepeen the river.

“The river has to be deepened and realigned to prevent further flash floods. The road also needs to be raised,” he said.

Meanwhile, the second flash flood occurred in Kg Tun Perak, Batu 16, Rawang, where eight homes were inundated.

MPS deputy president Mohd Jaid Ehsan said the Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPS) had proposed an upgrade to the Sg Bakau area where the first flash flood happened and the council was coordinating the project with the JPS.

“As for the flash flood in Kg Tun Perak, we are still investigating the cause and no report has been released,” Jaid said.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that Jalan Batu Arang is bogged down with daily congestion due to traffic lights installed near the Emerald East housing area by the developer.

Previously without the traffic lights, residents from Emerald East found it difficult to access the main road due to the heavy traffic at all times as motorists used it to get onto the PLUS highway.

“The traffic lights should not have been installed without proper widening works carried out, but the developer wanted to ease accessibility for Emerald East residents,” Gunarajah said.

According to Mohd Jaid, the road expansion project was under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department (JKR) and a piece of land had to be acquired by either the JKR or the developer in order to widen the current two-lane road.


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