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Wednesday December 22, 2010

Campaign to ensure clean toilets

SHOP owners in Section 21, Petaling Jaya, were surprised when Petaling Jaya Utara Federal Development coordinator Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou walked into their outlets to check the condition of their washrooms.

Wong was not there to issue summonses but to advise them to keep their toilets clean.

“If we do not keep our toilets clean then no one would want to come to Sea Park in the future,” he said while explaining what the ‘Get Your Toilet Clean Campaign’ was all about to residents.

A helping hand: Wong (right) assisting Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled representatives (from left) Gan Mun Wai and Tsang Chin Nien to clear the things dropped off at their charity recycling box placed at the SS21 RT centre in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

He said the project was starting off with a RM5,000 budget provided by the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

A sticker which reads Jagalah Kebersihan Tandas Kita (Please Take Care of Our Toilets) will be placed in about 100 food and business outlets to remind owners and those patronising the outlets of the campaign.

“We will visit the outlets every fortnight to check on the condition of the toilets.

“The outlets should also ensure their water taps are clean with soap for patrons to wash their hands,” Wong said.

At present there is no disabled-friendly toilets in the area, hence Wong said he was looking into providing such facilities soon.

The cleanliness campaign includes recycling at its RT centre where three mobile recycling units have been placed for the residents in the area.

Every fortnight representatives from Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled would gather to collect the items donated.

The foundation’s executive director, Sia Siew Chin said she hoped more residents’ associations would allow the foundation to place their bins at their centres.

Wong also urged the residents to fulfill foundation resident Gan Mun Wai’s New Year wish of owning a motorised wheelchair.

“Gan met with an accident while trying to cross a road in SS2. Luckily he did not suffer any serious injuries but his wheelchair was badly damaged,

“We are hoping to get donations from the residents to buy a wheelchair costing about RM10,700 for Gan,” said Wong.


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