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Monday December 13, 2010

Assistant minister links domestic violence to animal abuse

CRUELTY to animals should not be tolerated and has no place in a civilised society, said

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Economic Planning) Larry Sng.

He urged Kuchingites to show others and the world that there was no place in our society for people who inflicted pain and caused suffering to the defenceless animals.

Wishing well: Sng at a meetand- greet session with people at the Christmas Charity Bazaar on Saturday.

“We can make Kuching City a place where humans and animals live in harmony,” Sng, who is also Industrial Development (Planning) Assistant Minister, said at the Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) Christmas Charity Bazaar in Kuching on Saturday night.

He said a strong connection had been documented linking animal abuse and domestic violence.

“There is a legitimate evidence that individuals involved in violent acts against animals present a danger to the public,” he noted adding that: “Animal abuses is associated with serious crimes including drug offences, gang activity, weapons violations, sexual assaults and domestic violence and can be one of the most visible parts of an entire history of aggressive or antisocial behaviour”.

“We must take a stand against animal cruelty. Pets, especially dogs and cats have shared our lives ever since we humans chose to domesticate them, so why, animal abuse cases keep getting higher each year,” he asked?

Sng said animal cruelty could be broken into two main categories - active cruelty and passive cruelty.

Meanwhile, he said many organisations and individuals had come forward to support this year’s event including schools, colleges, clubs, corporate bodies, NGO and animal lovers where they helped to raise RM70,000 for the SSPCA Shelter fund.

“I therefore call on all sectors of society to give their strong support to this kind of initiative. It starts with each and every one of us setting a good example for others, talk to your kids about how to treat animals with kindness and respect and support the SSPCA,” he added.

He also advised the public to inform the Veterinary Services Department if they happened to see any types of animal cruelty.

SSPCA plans to make the Christmas Charity Bazaar as its main annual fundraising event and all the proceeds from the event will go to the care of the animals at the SSPCA Shelter located at 6 ½ Mile, Penrissen Road.

Sng later donated RM3,000 to the fund.

SSPCA was registered in Sarawak in Nov 1962 and its main activities centered on the operation of its Animal Shelter where stray, abandoned and abused dogs and cats are housed and cared for until new loving families can be found for them.

The Shelter currently houses a total of 130 cats and 60 dogs that need food and medical care which incurred expenditure of up to RM20,000 a month.


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