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Thursday November 4, 2010

Jason Lo to whip up a storm with ‘Hurricane’

PETALING JAYA: Local rock artiste and corporate figure Jason Lo is in the midst of recording a new album, tentatively titled Hurricane.

“It will be my first new album since joining the corporate world,” he said.

Lo has been heading Tune Talk, a mobile virtual network operator for the past three years, and finds that music is still very much his passion.

»I still feel the urge to make music so I built a studio in my house«JASON LO

“Without it, I think I’d just disintegrate,” said Lo, who started as a recording artiste in 2000.

Besides having a demanding job, Lo is also a father of three children and has found less time to make music in recent years.

“I still feel the urge to make music so I built a studio in my house.

“What I do when I go home is put the kids to bed, put the wife to bed and I grab my guitar and go into the studio,” he said.

Fans can expect more big chorus rock songs in the new album, scheduled to be released by the first quarter of next year on the Tune Label, which is part of the Tune Group.

“The lyrics of the new songs focus under relationships.

“As for influences in this record, I’ve been listening to a lot of 1990s stuff.

“You know, grunge like Alice in Chains and Nirvana and also some stuff by The Crash Test Dummies,” he added.

Lo has recorded three albums since 2000, his biggest hit being The Evening News, from his debut album Days Without Dawn, which sold well over 10,000 copies.

His most recent album The Fall didn’t do too bad.

Released in 2005, it sold 5,000 copies despite rampant digital downloads.

It has been a decade since he started his recording career and there’s been a lot of changes in Lo’s personal and professional life, but one thing still hasn’t changed about the man.

“I still write all the songs,” Lo said.


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