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Wednesday November 17, 2010

A good move by Penang to ban plastic bags

THE Penang state government’s move to ban the use of plastic bag is in the right direction, daring but most welcome.

We have seen the adverse effects of wanton and indiscriminate use of the ubiquitous plastic bags and its improper disposal.

The argument by companies manufacturing these plastic bags and its association MPMA does not hold water and is based solely on profits.

Just look around your house; practically everything is made of plastic – partially or in whole.

Plastic per se is not the culprit damaging our environment. The problem lies in the disposal of it.

How do you properly dispose off three millions plastic bags, apart from plastic chairs, pens, casings, pails, tooth brushes, containers, lunch packs, shower curtains, etc?

Everything I see and touch in my house, at public places, shopping mall, hypermarket has some plastic content.

Compounding the problem is styrofoam. Together, they form a formidable threat to the environment.

Before the advent of plastic bags, our parents went shopping with reed or bamboo baskets.

The vendors wrapped the fish, meat and vegetable with old newspaper.

Let us go back to basics and refuse to use plastic bags as much as possible.

I’m sure our hawkers will be happy as it helps to cut cost.

The manufacturer can switch to making other plastic things.

Petaling Jaya.


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