Wednesday November 10, 2010

Tamil actress' maiden Malay movie draws the crowd

KUALA LUMPUR: Best actress nominee Jasmine Michael is elated that Estet, a movie that uses the football theme to ignite the pride of being Malaysian, is drawing in the crowd.

"Everyone should watch Estet as it has the spirit of 1Malaysia," she told the Daily Chilli, a news portal of The Star.

"It's really entertaining. It has music, romance and comedy," said Jasmine, who was nominated for the best actress award at this year's Festival Film Malaysia (FFM 2010).

Star attraction: Jasmine and Shashi are among the actors in Mamat's new movie Estet.

While she has appeared in Tamil films over the past nine years, Estet, which opened in cinemas nationwide early this month to mark the Deepavali celebration, was a first-time performance in a Malay movie.

The film is directed by Mamat Khalid, who used the football theme to promote a "feel good" spirit among Malaysians of all backgrounds.

The story revolves around two estate football teams, Cinta Manis and Red Cobra, led by workers who both admire the same estate belle.

Her father bets on one of the teams to win and, if he loses, the girl will be given to an estate clerk to pay up his whopping debt.

Besides Jasmine, the cast given the chance to be part of the Malaysian unity movie included Farid Kamil, Rosyam Noor and Shashi Daran. The evergreen Datuk David Arumugam of the famous Alleycats makes a special appearance.

"It's the first time since P. Ramlee's Gerimis, about 40 years ago, that you see so many Tamil actors in a Malay movie," said Jasmine, who felt honoured to receive a major nomination at FFM 2010.

"It's very important to me as an actress," she said, adding that the success of Estet had inspired her to act in more Malay movies.

"I hope to do so if the script is right," she said

Mamat, the younger brother of cartoonist Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid (better known as Lat), is also happy with the public response to the movie, which was shot in Kuala Kangsar.

"People are talking about it because it's such a feel-good movie and it's also about national integration," he said.

Mamat is an avid fan of rock music, which inspired him to write and direct the 2005 film, Rock.


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