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Published: Thursday January 7, 2010 MYT 10:15:00 AM
Updated: Thursday January 7, 2010 MYT 7:38:32 PM

1Malaysia clinics no threat to private clinics: PM (Updated with full list)

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said private doctors need not worry that their earnings would be affected by 1Malaysia clinics.

He said this was because the 50 1Malaysia clinics set up nationwide would concentrate on giving patients normal medical examinations like checking blood pressure level for hypertension, and sugar level.

“Actually, they (private doctors) will not be affected because the cases from here (1Malaysia clinics) will be referred to them for further examination or treatment, or the patients will then go to the government hospitals.

“So, I do not regard this as a win-lose situation but actually a win-win situation ... it’s easy for the people while the private clinics will receive patients as usual,” he told reporters after launching the Kerinchi 1Malaysia Clinic in Lembah Pantai here Thursday.

The prime minister was replying to a question on the concern voiced by the Malaysian Medical Association (MAA) over the existence of 1Malaysia clinics as they felt it could affect their income.

He said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai would hold a dialogue session with MMA members to assure them on the matter.

However, he stressed that 1Malaysia clinics were established solely for the benefit of the people.

“It is all for the interest of the rakyat (people) who are our No 1 concern ... this is what the Government stands for,” he said, adding that there were already 44 1Malaysia clinics in operation nationwide.

Najib said establishing the 44 clinics within two months was a record for the Health Ministry under the 2010 Budget, as the target of setting up 50 such clinics was almost met within such a short time.

On the proposal to increase the number of 1Malaysia clinics, he said the Government would evaluate the need based on the public response and the effects of the new approach in expanding public healthcare.

“If the response and effects are good, the clinics will possibly be increased ... but let us evaluate first as 50 (clinics) is a big number. And we also need to determine the effectiveness of these clinics and this new approach. From there, we can decide,” he said.

Najib said most of the 1Malaysia clinics were located in town areas as outside urban areas were 2,000 rural clinics which had existed since the country’s independence.

He said the Government had allocated RM10mil for the 50 1Malaysia clinics this year, but the amount was not for the buildings but for the internal fittings and medicines only.

Earlier, Najib who is also Finance Minister, said the setting up of the clinics was truly in line with the 1Malaysia concept mooted by him, as they were open to all races, especially from the low-income group.

He said the effort was introduced and implemented by the Government to ensure that quality health services in this country could be justly, equitably and wholly accessed by the people.

“That’s the Government’s aspiration,” he added.

“And access to the service (from 1Malaysia clinics) definitely involves a minimum cost, that is, RM1 ... the cheapest in the world or can be regarded as almost free.

“Besides that, patients don’t have to wait long as the 1Malaysia clinics will provide fast service. In this situation, the Health Ministry also benefits as the government hospitals will be less crowded with patients needing just basic treatment.”

Najib said the 1Malaysia clinics would operate daily, seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm, and manned by paramedics comprising medical assistants and trained nurses.

Following is the list of 1Malaysia Clinics nationwide (date of operation in parenthesis)

PERLIS (Jan 1)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Kangar, No 6 Grd Floor, Jalan Lintasan Kangar, Taman Pertiwi, Kangar

KEDAH (Jan 6)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Bandar Puteri Jaya, No 41, Grd Floor, Jalan BPJ 1/1, Bandar Puteri Jaya, Sungai Petani
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Kota Kenari, No 208, Jalan Kota Kenari 3 shophouses, Taman Kota Kenari, Kulim

PENANG (Jan 6)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Jelutong, 116, Grd Floor, Jalan Jelutong
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Teluk Air Tawar, No 6, Kedai 1 Tingkat, Lorong Teluk Air Tawar 14, Butterworth
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Batu Kawan, No 19, Lorong Cempaka 1, Taman Cempaka, Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai Selatan
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Sungai Ara: 2A1, Tkt Kenari 5, Taman Desa Ria, Sungai Ara Bayan Lepas
(Jan 7)
5. Klinik 1Malaysia Alma Jaya, No 38, Grd Floor, Lorong Alma Jaya 11, Taman Alma Jaya, Bukit Mertajam

PERAK (Jan 8)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Teluk Intan, No 1, Taman Medan Maharaja, Jalan Kampung Banjar, Teluk Intan
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Bandar Seri Iskandar, No 32, Blok D, Bandar Seri Iskandar shophouses, Perak Tengah
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Aulong, No 51 dan 53, Jalan Medan Bersatu, Taman Medan Bersatu, Taiping
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Bercham, No 6A1 dan 10, Persiaran Medan Bercham 7, Pusat Bandar Bercham Timur, Ipoh

1. Klinik 1Malaysia Lembah Subang, No 112 dan 113, Blok A, Taman Putra Damai, Lembah Subang, Petaling Jaya
(End of January)
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Seri Setia, Community Hall, Jalan 230, Seksyen 51 A, Petaling Jaya
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Puchong Intan, Multipurpose Hall, Jalan 1, Puchong Intan, Batu 12, Puchong
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Kota Kemuning, Sri Nevilia Hardcore Poor Housing Programme, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
5. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Samudera, Taman Samudera, Batu Caves

1. Klinik 1Malaysia Perkasa, B01, Blok B, Perkasa People’s Housing Programme, Jalan Nakhoda Yusof, Kampung Pandan
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Kerinchi, Lembah Pantai, B01 , Kuala Lumpur City Hall Quarters, Jalan Pantai Permai 1, off Jalan Pantai Dalam
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Melati, Gombak Community Centre, Taman Melati
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Intan Baiduri, B005, PPR Intan Baiduri, Kepong Utara, Mukim Batu, Kepong
5. Klinik 1Malaysia Desa Rejang, Blok B00, PPR Desa Rejang, Setapak

1. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Rasah Jaya, No 3773 (Grd Floor), Jalan RJ611, Taman Rasah Jaya
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Seremban Jaya, No 2294 (Grd Floor), Jalan SJ10/1, Taman Seremban Jaya
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Semarak 2 Nilai, PT 5742 (Grd Floor), Jalan TS 2/1E, Taman Semarak, Nilai

1. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam, No 39, Jalan M1, Batu Berendam
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Bukit Katil, 17, Jalan IKS, Bukit Katil
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Sri Pengkalan, Alor Gajah, KM 4615, Jalan Samarinda 2, Taman Samarinda, Pengkalan, Alor Gajah

JOHOR (Dec 28)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Megah Ria, No 15 dan 15A, Jalan Bayan 37/2, Taman Megah Ria, Masai
(Jan 4)
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Manis, No 392, Jalan Manis 17, Taman Manis, Kelapa Sawit, Kulaijaya, Kulai
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Stulang Laut, Blok G, Sri Stulang 1 Flat, Bakar Batu, Johor Baru
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Bandar Sri Alam, Blok A, Sri Alam Flat, Masai, Johor Baru
5. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Seri Lambak, JKKMB Hall, Taman Seri Lambak, Kluang

PAHANG (Jan 1)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Kempadang, No 2E, Lot 4629, Kampung Kempadang, Kuantan
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Padang Jaya, Grd Floor, B32, Kampung Padang Jaya, off Jalan Sungai Lembing, Kuantan
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Temerloh, No 12, Grd Floor Jalan Pak Sako 4, Bandar Sri Semantan, Temerloh

1.Klinik 1Malaysia Bukit Payong, Marang, No 8216, Tkt Bawah, Permint shophouses, Bukit Payong, Marang
(Jan 6)
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Wakaf Baru, Kuala Terengganu, Lot PT30712, Wakaf Baru, Mukim Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Binjai, Kemaman, GM562, Lot 1190, Mukim Binjai, Kemaman

1. Klinik 1Malaysia Sri Cemerlang, Lot 348, Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Seksyen 27, Kota Baru
(Jan 3)
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Jelawat, Lot 34, Bandar Jelawat, Bachok
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Pengkalan Batu, Lot 633B, Kampung Pengkalan Batu Jalan Pasir Pekan, Pasir Mas

SABAH (End of January)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Bandar Sri Indah Tawau, Lot 334, TB 15058, Batu 10, Jalan Apas, Tawau
(Jan 6)
2.Klinik 1Malaysia Bundusan Square, Lot 67, Grd Floor, Blok H, Bundusan Square, Penampang
(Jan 7)
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Sandakan, Lot 7A dan 7B, Grd Floor Blok B Bandar Leila, Jalan Leila, Sandakan
(Jan 15)
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Kota Kinabalu, Lot 37, Grd Floor, Blok E, Fasa 2 Sulaiman Sentral, Kota Kinabalu

SARAWAK (Dec 31)
1. Klinik 1Malaysia Jalan Teku, Sibu, Lot 302, Blok 7, Teku Road, Sibu
(Jan 4)
2. Klinik 1Malaysia Matang Jaya, Lot 9746, Seksyen 65, KTLD Taman Lee Ling, Jalan Matang, Kuching
(Jan 5)
3. Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Tunku, Lot 2350, Blok 5, LLD Jalan Kuching, Taman Tunku, Miri
4. Klinik 1Malaysia Sungai Plan, S/L 517, Sungai Plan, Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu
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