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Sunday January 24, 2010

250 tied by strings of solidarity

KUALA LUMPUR: It was the simple act of tying different coloured strings that brought 250 people together in a showcase of solidarity dubbed as Tali Tenang.

Participants were asked to bring pieces of string from home and tie them to form a long rope that symbolised unity.

The group then walked in line, holding the rope, from the meeting point at Bangsar Putra LRT station to the Bangsar Sports Complex.

Curious drivers honked while passers-by smiled and waved at the participants who returned the gestures enthusiastically.

The participants heading towards Bangsar Sports Complex on Saturday.

The rope was broken a few times but was quickly tied again for the two-kilometre march to continue. Late-comers joined in and tied their string halfway through the march.

The project was organised by Facebook group United Colours of Malaysia and the idea came about 10 days ago to show that the people were united despite the recent arson attacks on places of worship.

“We are not here to preach, this march is meant to send ‘good vibes’ in the spirit of unity.

“The turnout was definitely more than what we expected,” said project manager Zain HD, adding that the event was promoted mainly through Facebook and Twitter.

Student Haziq Hamid, 22, who joined the march, felt that Tali Tenang was a great way to convey a strong unity message to the rest of the country.

“Even in the midst of chaos and disagreement, we can still stick together,” he said.

Amrita Preet, 19, who decided to join in the fun after getting to know about the event on Facebook, said the strings denoted diversity within Malaysians.

Nur Hanie Hidayah Ab Razak, 23, said the event, attended by people of different races, mirrored her daily life.

“My friends in university are all multiracial and it’s a shame that some of us are fighting amongst ourselves,” she said.

Also spotted at the event was social activist Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir with her two daughters and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

More information on the event and future projects can be viewed on www.randomalphabets.com.


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