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Tuesday January 12, 2010

E-learning method mulled, says DPM

LONDON: Malaysia is studying a radical British e-learning method to help “leapfrog” the learning and teaching system in schools, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He expressed interest in the Frog Learning Platform which could be customised for Malay-sian schools as part of overall efforts to further raise the standard of education.

Muhyiddin, who is also Edu-cation Minister, said the creative learning and teaching programme focusing on ICT had been successfully implemented in selected British schools.

“We will review the Frog method and see whether it can be adopted for our schools,” he told Malaysian journalists yesterday after attending a briefing by Sunbury Manor School head teacher Louise Duncan on the programme’s benefits.

Sunbury, a specialist humanities school in Middlesex, is ranked among the top 25% of schools in UK for progress by its 1,025 students.

Frog offers exceptional creative control – enabling teachers, administrative staff and even pupils to fully embed their learning platform into their working practices and tailor it to the needs of their respective schools.

Muhyiddin was originally scheduled to visit the school and tour its e-learning facilities but the trip was called off due to the snow and he had to attend the presentation at the Sheraton Park Tower where he is staying.

The deputy prime minister said the ministry has not made a decision on the system as a comprehensive study had to be carried out by its education technology division.

He added the costs were substantial as it involved hardware and software elements.

“The company has rolled out the Frog system wireless and if we adopt it, almost all houses in Malaysia can access the e-learning method,” he said, referring to the involvement of parental engagement.


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