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Friday September 18, 2009

Horny orang minyak on the prowl

A HORNY orang minyak is on the prowl in Sungai Petani, terrorising about 300 families as the apparition seemed to pick on homes where young women are staying in.

A teenager known just as Nurshahirah, 17, told Kosmo! that she was awakened at about 5.40am on Monday as she felt a warm sensation on her left ear.

She opened her eyes only to discover an apparition with curly hair and thick moustache standing by her bed.

“I was even more shocked when the ghost took off his kain pelikat and started to fondle himself,” she said.

Nurshahirah, who lives in Taman Keladi, said she felt powerless to ward off the apparition who started to grope her body.

It was as though a charm had been placed on her, she added.

As for housewife Fatimah, 42 , she said two of her daughters cried when they were woken up by dark apparitions that molested them at about 5am on Monday.

Her 15-year-old daughter told her that she had been “violated” by a ghost.

“At first I thought she was talking in her sleep but she insisted that she was molested by a ghost before it moved to the kitchen,” Fatimah said.

She said her 14-year-old, too, cried and ran from the living room, saying she had been molested by a dark apparition.

“My 14-year-old daughter said she managed to kick the ghost who wore a kain pelikat and black singlet when she felt her body being touched.

“She screamed and the ghost ran out of her room.”

Fatimah said she gave chase with a parang but the apparition disappeared.

She said the apparition could have placed a charm on her family because none of the neighbours heard their daughters’ screams.

> Berita Harian’s senior artist Mohd Ayob Masri, 53, had a parang pointed to his face and was forced to hand over his belongings to three men at his Taman Pandan Indah home early Wednesday.

Ayob said he was accosted by the armed men, who pulled up in a car as he was opening the gate to his house at about 1.50am after returning from his work in Kuala Lumpur.

“Two of them were holding parangs and ordered me to hand over my car key, house key, wristwatch and wallet,” he said, adding that it was the third such robbery in the area within five days.

He complied with their demand for fear they would resort to harming his wife Pum Baharom, 47, who was asleep at the time.

“They left in a hurry with my car. I’m glad they did not enter the house,” he said.

In the five-minute incident, Ayob lost nearly RM80,000 when they took his Honda Civic, his wallet and his watch valued at RM500.

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