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Sunday September 13, 2009

Expand your vocab daily

AS much as I understand what Sara is going through (“‘Weird’ just because I love English”, StarMag, Vestibule, Sept 6), I am impressed with her love for English, and her aspirations for the future.

I would like to support her love for the language by introducing a website which can improve her vocabulary.

Often, it is the trouble with attitudes rather than the ability in human beings that blocks our desire to improve on English.

Wordsmith.org is a worldwide online community of some half-million readers who share a love for words, wordplay, language and literature. They hail from Australia to Zimbabwe, and almost all the places in between.

Anu Garg, born in Uttar Pradesh, India, founded Wordsmith.org in 1994 while doing his graduate studies in computer science.

It is certainly not the British who know English best (or so it seems), as this 37-year-old who has settled in the United States teaches people around the globe the intricacies of this foreign language, through his unique A-Word-a-Day Programme.

Every day, my little e-mail chime goes off and there, in my In-box, is another word to add to my vocabulary. Each week brings a different category of words.

A couple of weeks ago, the theme was collective nouns (e.g. a bevy of birds, a sounder of swine). The previous week, it was metaphorical terms which have their origins in New York.

More than 600,000 subscribers receive A.Word.a.Day (AWAD) daily, in more than 200 countries.

To subscribe, all you have to do is visit wordsmith.org. It’s free and takes only two minutes to subscribe.

I hope Sara enjoys it as much as I do.



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