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Friday August 14, 2009

Lesbians mark their ‘independence’ with wild party

THE up-coming Independence Day celebration has been used as an excuse by a group of local lesbians to throw their own “indepencence” party at a well-known hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang last Saturday, reported Harian Metro.

The wild, poolside party where couples kissed, cuddled and performed sexy dances drew not only female gays, but also their male counterparts.

According to its organiser, the party was held to celebrate the homosexual couples’ freedom to live as they please.

One of the party goers, a young lesbian named Tina, was quoted as saying that such parties were organised for like-minded couples.

“Parties like this are for same sex couples to celebrate our sexuality,” she said.

“Independence, for us, is to be proud of our sexual preference and rejoice in our rejection of men as life partners.”

> Seven years after tying the knot in Yala, Thailand, actress Aida Rahim and her husband, Joe Radzwill have finally registered their marriage in Malaysia on Wednesday, reported Kosmo!.

Syariah High Court judge Mohd Shakir Abdul Hamid validated the marriage after he was satisfied with the reasons given by lawyer Nahar Alias, who represented the couple.

Aida, 52, and Joe 39, were married by a judge from the Yala Islamic Council, Othman Daramah, on Nov 6, 2002. At that time, Aida was a divorcee while Joe was still married to his first wife. He divorced her a month later.

> Ethnic pop singer Noraniza Idris claimed that her ex-husband Fareez @ Mohammad Fauzi Ahmad Tajuddin had chased her out of their marital home several times throughout their 18-year marriage, reported Harian Metro.

She said this at a hearing to decide on the division of properties between her and Fareez at the Kuala Lumpur High Syariah Court on Wednesday.

She denied allegations by Fareez that their marriage ended due to her extra-marital affairs.


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