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Thursday August 13, 2009

Chef’s tasty creations a boon for restaurant

FOR EXPERIENCED restaurant manager Sam Yong Kam Long, his prized possession is his restaurant chef.

“He (referring to head chef Tan Beng Seng) really likes to experiment with different recipes and that’s how we ended up with many of our signature dishes,” said Yong, who currently manages the Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant in Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

One such dish is the Fresh River Prawns with Fragrant Lemon Sauce, where the tangy sauce complements the springy texture of the prawns.

The restaurant is currently promoting the fresh river prawns, or sang har, at RM7 per 100g.

“The prawns can also be cooked in other ways and we make recommendations based on customers’ preferences,” said Yong.

Tangy sauce: Fresh River Prawns with Fragrant Lemon Sauce.

He also suggests the BBQ Sauce Pork Ribs with Long Beans, which is popular with customers.

“The pork ribs are a deep red in colour because these are marinated with red yeast rice,” said Yong.

The tempura-style long beans served with the pork has a nice crunch to its bite, coupled with the natural sweetness of the beans.

Among some of the other special dishes prepared by Tan was the Baked Chekor Chicken with Salt, the Crispy Spring Chicken and the Crispy Sweet Corn Tofu.

The Chekor Chicken is marinated with ginger before being baked and most of its flavours are in its skin.

The Spring Chicken is marinated with Tan’s secret sauce before being fried, and is served with crispy potato chips.

Fresh: The Soon Hock fish is best eaten steamed with soy sauce and chopped garlic, together with the fish liver.

A vegetable dish that Yong recommends is the Four Vegetables Fried with Sliced Almonds.

The dish is a delight to bite into, with snap peas, celery and sliced lotus roots lightly stir-fried and topped with crunchy sliced almonds.

Yong said that they were also having an ongoing offer for Soon Hock fish and this is priced at RM10 per 100g.

“We prefer to steam the fish with ginger and chilli in soy sauce. The important thing about this fish is to have it fresh and many customers want the liver as well,” he said.

Yong explained that the liver from a fresh Soon Hock fish has a nice succulent taste and from that, customers would know for sure if the fish is fresh or otherwise.

DRAGON STAR SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, 54A & 54B Jalan SS1/22, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (03-7877 6673). Business hours: 11am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 11pm daily. Non-halal.

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