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Thursday June 25, 2009

Group removes litter at picnic spots in Selangor and Negri Sembilan

WATERFALL Survivors, the social group founded on Facebook, takes its signature “Save Our Waterfalls” (SOW) campaign a step further by making the month of June its own World Environment Day (WED) celebration.

Throughout the month, Waterfall Survivors organise a weekly “Save Our Waterfalls” campaign at selected waterfalls in Negri Sembilan and Selangor.

The waterfalls are Jeram Toi in Negri Sembilan (June 7), Serendah waterfalls in Hulu Selangor (June 14), Kedondong waterfalls in Batang Kali (June 21) and Gabai waterfalls in Hulu Langat (June 28).

The SOW month is listed as one of the world’s WED activities on the official website for the United Nations Environment Programs (unep.org/wed/2009).

Hard at work: Waterfall Survivors cleaning up the Kedondong waterfalls.

A total of 20 members turned up for the “Save Our Waterfalls” campaign at the Kedondong waterfalls and created another record for this month’s campaign.

They collected 163 bags of rubbish, of which 30-odd bags were from a dumpsite. The rubbish was in the form of diapers and polystyrene containers. The recreational park has toilets, shelters and stalls but sadly only one rubbish bin for the entire park.

At Jeram Toi, the group gathered more than 30 members who collected about 50 bags of rubbish like plastic bottles, worn-out BBQ pit, cans, polystyrene containers and even used underwear.

At the Serendah waterfalls, 20 members collected 40 bags of garbage.

“SOWs is our way of promoting healthy and clean waterfalls not only among members but the public too.

“Even if there are only five members, the campaign will still go on as it upholds our passion and love for the waterfalls and nature as a whole,” said Waterfall Survivors founder and chairperson Joe Yap.

The SOW Month is sponsored by Keen Footwear as its official footwear, with support from World of Sports.

Massive clean up: Members of Waterfall Survivors with the 163 bags of rubbish collected at the Kedondong waterfalls.


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