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Thursday June 25, 2009

Sepang council brushes off complaints

TAMAN Permata low-cost units in Dengkil have been issued with certificates of fitness (CF), said Sepang Municipal Council Building Planning Unit (BPU) director Zamsuri Ramli.

Zamsuri, when contacted, refuted claims that the flats were not issued with CF.

StarMetro reported recently that 400 families who were former labourers of the Sedgeley, Medingly, Prang Besar and Galloway estates were initially promised homes at Air Hitam Puchong but were moved hurriedly to the low-cost units in Taman Permata, which until today have not been granted CF.

“If they are unhappy, they can check the status of the building with the BPU,’’ said Zamsuri.

The residents had been complaining to the various authorities that their health was at risk because of the broken sewage pipes, overflowing sewage tanks and the clogged drains since they were relocated from their estate homes 10 years ago.

Gaping hole: Children pointing to a hole caused by soil movement under one of the blocks of low-cost flats.

When pointed out about the soil settlement problem and sewage discharge, Zamsuri said the problem affected Block 5 and that they were aware of it.

“Our engineers have checked the area and found that apart from the soil settlement, the structure of the building is safe,’’ he added.

He said most of the residents had also converted their balcony into the kitchen area and had fixed their own piping system which was the cause of the continuous flow of water near the building.

Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) added that the problem only affected pipes that were installed by the residents themselves.

IWK head of communications Amin Lin Abdullah said the pipes needed to be replaced as failure to do so would result in continuous back flow and overflow of waste water and/or sewage.

“We are responsible for operating and maintaining the public sewage pipes near the playground and found no damage in the system,’’ he said .

The families were among those who were resettled at the Taman Permata flats to make way for the development of the federal administrative capital Putrajaya.

And since then, the wretched conditions have made life more deplorable than what they had experienced as estate workers.

“At least then we had regular jobs. The developers had failed to find jobs for us after the relocation exercise,’’ said former Sedgely estate worker Sri Mathavi. K, 60.

She said since their estate homes were demolished, the least the developer could have given them were decent houses and employment.

One reader emailed to say that it was not right for the developer to wash their hands off the problems without ensuring that there were jobs available for them in Dengkil once they were moved there.


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