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Friday June 19, 2009

Teenager gang-raped for 12 days after accepting lift

A TEENAGER who took up an offer by four strangers to send her home was gang-raped by them for 12 days in a house in Kuantan, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The four men had approached the victim, aged 19, after she and a friend whom she had watched a movie with at a Kuantan shopping mall on June 5 went separate ways.

Kuantan OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Jasmani Yusoff was quoted by the daily as saying that the men offered to send the girl home to Pekan. The victim, who did not suspect anything amiss, accepted the offer.

The men took her to a house in Kuantan instead where the girl claimed she was confined in a room for 12 days, during which the men took turns to rape her.

She only fled the house on Tuesday when the men fell asleep before lodging a report at the Kuantan police station.

Police have identified the suspects who are aged between 16 and 36.

Chua to chair co-ordinating meetings

China Press quoted Barisan Nasional chief co-ordinator Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as saying that he would chair co-ordinating meetings at 84 parliamentary and state constituencies, which the MCA lost in the last general election.

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had told him to start with the seats lost by the MCA although priority must also be given to oversee Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states.

He said Barisan-ruled states such as Johor and Negri Sembilan would be part of his focus as he had to strengthen the position of the coalition’s parties there.

Dr Chua said it was undeniable that the fighting spirit and morale in Barisan had dropped. He said Barisan’s activities were also significantly reduced in the constituencies where the MCA lost, adding that many party members were also contemplating calling it a day.

Dr Chua said his first stop would be the Bakri parliamentary constituency on Satur­day.

He said Najib had told him to pay more attention to constituencies where Barisan lost with razor-thin or less than 500-vote majority. He hoped to secure allocation from Najib to smoothen his co-ordinating works.

Malaysian detained at Sydney airport for trying to smuggle heroin

The daily also reported that a Malaysian drug mule was detained at the Sydney Inter­national Airport for trying to smuggle in 500gm of heroin.

Customs officers stopped the 26-year-old woman who had behaved suspiciously upon arriving on a flight from Phuket, Thailand, on Saturday.

She was then brought to a nearby hospital where X-rays showed 25 small packets of drugs in her stomach.

The woman admitted that she was paid US$5,000 (RM18,000) to carry the drugs.

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