Wednesday June 17, 2009

Baby boy born without a penis

KANGAR: While the birth certificate of 10-month-old Muhammad Nabil Mustaqim Rodzake states that he is male, he lacks a penis.

When he was born without the male organ last Aug 10 at the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital, he was subjected to a DNA test which confirmed he had more male characteristics.

Unusual condition: Rodzake and Zatul Bazamah showing their son Muhammad Nabil at their home near Kangar. — Bernama

Nabil Mustaqim was also born without a right thumb, right ear and proper eyelids.

His mother, Zatul Bazamah Abd Rahman, is now seeking help from medical specialists to fix the problem.

Zatul Bazamah, 26, said:

“We are sad to think that he will grow up without the male organ, and the emotional stress that awaits him.”

The baby – the second child in the family – is now receiving treatment at the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital and Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Star.

“We have been told that our son needs to wait a little longer for suitable treatment for his genitals while his other physical defects could be fixed with plastic surgery when he is four years old,” said Zatul Bazamah at the family home in Kampung Batu Lima near here.

The baby’s father, Rodzake Namis, 34, hoped the treatment could be carried out as soon as possible. — Bernama


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