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Monday May 18, 2009

Expert warns of unhealthy practices that can shake marriage

MALAYSIAN men may be at risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) at a young age if they are addicted to masturbation, frequently watch pornographic videos and visit massage parlours which offer “extra” services, reported Metro Ahad.

Such habits practised by men before marriage have also caused relationships to end in divorce on their wedding night.

Some men have resorted to using sex toys and pornographic material during intercourse and even allowed their friends to bed their spouses because they could not satisfy their wives.

Men’s health expert Dr Ismail Thamby said he received at least 20 patients, 40 SMSes and 120 telephone calls monthly from men who suffered from low sex drive.

According to Dr Ismail, the patients were married and single men, as well as those who were preparing to get hitched.

“A lot of men have such low libido as a result of promiscuity.

“This causes them to unable to perform well on their wedding night even though they feel that they are very experienced,” he said.

He added that married men with such difficulties chose to keep silent about their problems to the point that it had strained their marriages.

> In a bid to escape the authorities, a gambling den operator hid computers installed with gambling software in a toilet but was busted by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council in an operation recently, reported Sinar Harian.

A total of RM30,000 worth of computers were confiscated from his premises.

It is learnt that the operator was tipped off about the raid and tried to evade the authorities by cutting off the electricity and moving some of the computers to the toilet.

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