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Monday March 30, 2009

Thieves make off with three Honda Civic in the same night

THREE cars of the same model were stolen around the same time in the wee hours of March 25 in Taman Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju.

Two of the victims had parked their cars — a Honda Civic — in the porch and they did not even hear the thieves breaking in.

One of the victims, who only wanted to be known as Victor, felt the blow as he had only bought his car less than three weeks ago. It cost him RM128,000.

“My car, a silver Honda Civic, was parked in the car porch and the gate was locked. We only noticed that the car was stolen when my wife was about to go jogging at about 6am,” he said at a press conference in the Setiawangsa MCA headquarters.

Setiawangsa division MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Kent Ho, who himself is one of the victims, had captured the entire process on the CCTV camera.

“From the CCTV, we could see the suspects’ faces. It was a two-man team, both in their 20s to 30s, dressed in similar casual clothes and they did not even cover their faces or wear caps or sunglasses.

“They drove a car similar to mine and carried bags, which we suspect contains a device they used to detect the car’s immobiliser.

“It took them less than 18 minutes to drive off in my car.

“They seemed like experienced thieves because they were able to detect the car’s mother board and cut off the alarm within five seconds and know exactly where the houses of the Honda Civic were situated.

“My mechanic told me that with the car’s technology, it is impossible for anyone to drive off without the designated car key.

“There were very careful and quiet. I was still awake at the time of the theft, which took place is from 2.45am to 3.03am, but I did not hear a sound,” he said, adding that he will post a copy of the recordings online to warn the public about the thefts.

He hoped that the police would be on the look out for the thieves who might smuggle the cars out in containers.

“The police also told me that I was not the first victim that night,” said Ho.

He called a Honda centre and the reply he got was that they were not aware of it and that Honda’s devices could not be brought out from its premises.

Ho said he would report the incident to both Honda Malaysia and Honda Japan.

“We want an explanation because how can such an advance immobiliser be foiled?” asked Ho.

He added that he would write a letter to the Sentul and Bukit Aman police to inform them that the crime rate in Taman Sri Rampai had escalated.


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