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Sunday March 1, 2009

Ahmad Said: Not fair to link me to son’s offence

PUTRAJAYA: As chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan is fully aware that all his actions and that of his family members as well will always come under public scrutiny.

“Everybody says it’s a hot seat, but I have been here (previously the ACA) for the last 24 years and it has always been hot,” he said.

Ahmad Said has served in various capacities in the ACA, including as director-general before being appointed MACC chief commissioner.

Ahmad Said has been attacked in blogs and via e-mail over the issue of his son bringing child pornographic material into Aus-tralia. His son, a pilot, pleaded guilty and paid a fine for the offence.

Ahmad Said vehemently denies that it was child pornography. He said that the titles of the video clips found in his son’s laptop computer were misleading.

“I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones,” he said.

Ahmad Said also questioned the motive of those linking him to his son’s offence.

“Why are they targeting me? I did nothing over there. It’s like committing a traffic offence here and paying the summons – and then the father gets blamed for it. Is that fair? It’s brainless,” he said.

He pointed out that the offence happened in 2007 but has resurfaced now because of his appointment as MACC chief commissioner.

“There were other Malaysian and Singaporean pilots who also paid fines for similar offences, but my son was picked on (by the blogs) because of his link to me,” he said in an interview with Sunday Star.

Ahmad Said, however, sympathises with his son and in-laws, who have been dragged into the picture unnecessarily. He also dismisses the claims that he interfered and asked Malaysia Airlines for help.

“There was no interference. People called me up and asked me if I wanted help. I said ‘Nothing doing’.

“I said let him face it, although I got him a lawyer,” he said.


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