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Monday December 21, 2009

Energy-saving air conditioner

Panasonic is launching 10 new models of air conditioner under the Eco Sense I2 and Eco Sense P2 series that will enlighten consumers with new era of energy saving and uninterrupted cooling comfort.

With the new feature of Eco Patrol, both the inverter series, Eco Sense I2 and deluxe non-inverter series, Eco Sense P2 uses less energy, up to 60% and 20% respectively, compared with previous models.

With the introduction of these new models, Panasonic is confident that its eco-friendly products will appeal more to the consumers and this will further strengthen and enhance its market leader position to be number one.

Panasonic Malaysia managing director Tony Endoh said: “Both the Eco Sense I2 and Eco Sense P2 models feature the revolutionary Eco Patrol that intuit the level of human presence and activity in a room and adjust the temperature accordingly.

“When the air conditioner is left switched on in a room that is used intermittently, the air conditioner self-adjusts the temperature up or down that will use 20% less electricity. This saves the hassle of having to remember to turn the air conditioner on or off,” he said.

Optimum power control: (From left) Panasonic Malaysia executive director Jeff Lee, managing director Tony Endoh, Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning managing director Toshiyuki Sakai and Panasonic Malaysia general manager of Home Appliances Ng Hong Ping at the launch of the new models.

“The Eco Patrol is indeed a very intelligent sensor. As we know that all objects emit infrared rays which, although invisible, can be detected as heat by Eco Patrol’s sensor if it is within the detection zone. When an object moves within its detection zone, Eco Patrol compares the object’s temperature with the room temperature to determine if it is human, and level of activity based on its movement.

“We believe that this feature is particularly refreshing to those end-users who welcome energy saving without compromising on uninterrupted cooling comfort.”

“The Eco Sense I2, with our Intelligent Inverter Technology enables optimum power control and efficient operation.

High performance with quick cooling and flexible temperature control provides a new level of air conditioned comfort and economical operation. In an inverter air conditioner, its power conversion circuit controls the compressors’ rotating speed, hence, the air conditioners output. Once the room set temperature has been achieved, the Intelligent Inverter Technology will change the rotation frequency of compressor by changing the frequency of power supply,” said Cheng Chee Chung, associate director of home appliances.

Other than the exclusive feature of Eco Patrol, the Eco Sense I2 and Eco Sense P2 are also equipped with the Advanced+Plus e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor designed to monitor the air in the room wisely.

Once it sensed the air in the room has reached an unhealthy level, it will release active e-ions to catch airborne dust particles and bring them back to the filter.

This mechanism is perfect in cleaning the air in the room thoroughly.

In order to cater for the project and commercial market segment, Panasonic Malaysia is also introducing a full range of Inverter Standard Models (5 models in total; 1.0 hp ~ 2.5 hp) and Standard Models (both Wired and Wireless Remote Controller; 10 models in total; 1.0 hp ~ 3.0 hp).

“With such options, rooms of various sizes can be cooled down effectively.

Different market segment, either residential or commercial, can be addressed with our Panasonic cooling solution, too,” added Cheng.

In conjunction with the new product launch, Panasonic Malaysia has launched a consumer campaign from Dec 9 to Feb 13 next year by giving away a free Urban Backpack with every purchase of Panasonic Air Conditioners.


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