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Wednesday January 21, 2009

Restaurant serves up familiar favourites as well as festive treats

GET a prosperous headstart to the Year of the Ox when you dine at the Lucky Palace Chinese restaurant in Seremban.

The restaurant is offering promotional set menus in conjunction with the coming lunar new year.

Tasty treats: Chef Loi welcomes diners with some of his specialities.

Diners can choose from five set menus priced between RM488+ and RM1,688+ that would be available from Jan 26 to Feb12 or its extensive a la carte menu with over 50 items.

Those who are looking for a reunion dinner meal can choose from the restaurant’s three set menus priced between RM288+ and RM688+ available on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Those who have patronised the restaurant before can look forward to some refreshing menu changes as recently-hired chef Loi Kok Leong takes over the reins at the kitchen.

Loi, who has been in the food business for more than 20 years, has refined some of the popular dishes at Lucky Palace as well as added on to its already extensive menu.

For Chinese New Year, the chef has come up with his own versions of old favourites and staples.

No new year meal can begin without tossing yee sang so we tossed for good luck with a Thai-style Yee Sang (RM40) which was refreshing with the addition of green mango strips, fruit peel and a sweet and sour sauce.

For starters, our party of 10 was served the special four combination (RM150), which is the Chef’s take on the popular four seasons dish.

Loi’s version was not only good to eat but also beautifully presented with intricate fruit and vegetable carvings.

To our delight, his choice of four starters were a little different from usual.

Our special combination was made up of chicken in salad sauce, seaweed roll stuffed with shark’s fin, fresh fried scallops with almonds and stir-fried crabmeat, dried scallops and prawns.

However, advance notice is required for the special four combination dish.

Next, came prawns in Marmite sauce (RM70), a dish of stir-fried prawns coated with Marmite that is pretty standard fare at most Chinese restaurants.

Delightful: One of the dishes that comprises the special four combination dish.

This was quickly followed by the popular Lucky special chicken (RM60), a simple dish prepared by steaming the chicken with Chinese herbs and spices.

Served in a wooden bucket, the tender chicken meat was polished off in no time.

We were then treated to the ever-popular Japanese-style pork ribs in claypot (RM36).

Deliciously tender and gelatinous, the boneless cubes of pork were a winner at our table too.

Braised for three hours with sliced carrots and radish in a thick gravy flavoured with the chef’s concoction of secret herbs and spices, it is no wonder the dish is a firm favourite with diners here and is available year-round.

We were also served a platter of fried dried oysters with black moss or fatt choy (RM50), a traditional favourite during the new year as its name rhymes with prosperity.

To complete our meal, we were served a steaming hot claypot of glutinuos rice (RM70) accompanied by a selection of preserved meats.

The rice was flavoursome yet light and went well with the slices of preserved pork and duck meat, a delicacy often only available during the festive season.

Firm favourite: This chicken dish is steamed to perfection with Chinese herbs.

Too stuffed to have dessert, we capped our meal with fresh fruit instead.

Lucky Palace is an ideal place for a nice Chinese meal. Although minimally decorated, the restaurant is spacious and guests do not have to sit cheek by jowl or scream their orders over the din of other customers.

If you need privacy, the restaurant has six private rooms including four that can seat 20 people each.

For dinner parties with more than 20 guests, ask the restaurant’s management for the VVIP or 888 rooms that come equipped with their own karaoke systems and can seat up to 40 and 90 people, respectively.

Guests would not be charged for the rooms but advanced booking is necessary.

Note: Prices quoted are for a table of ten.

Lucky Palace Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Lot D15 & 16, Jalan Persiaran Utama S2-1,

Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban. Operation hours: Daily for lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner from 5pm to 11pm. For reservations, contact the management at 06-601 2329 or 06-601 1328.


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