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Friday January 2, 2009

Tough times in Johor Baru

THE economy is changing rapidly, and it is getting worse. For government servants, they have their annual increments and bonuses but what about workers in the private sector?

The situation in Johor Baru is even worse and this is a serious matter worthy of our attention.

The cost of living in Johor Baru is higher because the Singaporeans spend their dollars here. This means good business for the traders, and most of them take advantage by marking up their prices.

But the locals are badly affected.

In addition to having to deal with higher prices, most of us don’t have salary increments while bonuses come once in three years. How to survive?

The standard salary in Johor Baru is low. A clerk gets just RM750 a month with no other allowance. As a promoter, our basic is around RM500 plus commission which amounts to about 2%.

Even foreign workers are getting a minimum pay of RM750 under the law. Is it fair to us?

Besides that, there are many factories, kindergartens and other businesses owned by Singaporeans. They can simply draw up a salary structure for the local employees. They are getting richer while the locals are getting poorer. Where is justice?

I really hope the Human Resource Ministry will analyse the economic environment of Johor Baru and help us to survive. We are treated no better than foreign workers.


Johor Baru.


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