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Tuesday September 9, 2008

A little cheer for the needy

A NICE dinner, games and a lantern-lighting session made the day of some 60 single parents and their children recently.

The event was a mooncake party organised by the USJ Residents Association (USJRA) in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival that falls this weekend.

Entertaining: The magician (right) piercing swords through holes in the box held by Lee while the crowd look on in awe.

Held at the 3K Complex in Subang Jaya, the single parents came from Angsana Apartments in USJ 1, which has been identified as home to low-income families.

Present at the event was Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who was accompanied by her husband Ramachandran Muniandy.

USJRA honorary secretary Eileen Cheah said the association had worked together with Jumble Station in identifying and bringing these families for the event.

Jumble Station is a community outreach initiative based in USJ 1, which was founded by three women dedicated to helping single parents in need.

Yeoh contributed RM5,000 from the state allocation for the event.

“This is to enable poor children from my constituency to enjoy the festive season just like the others in the area,” said Yeoh.

After dinner, the families got to enjoy halal mooncakes sponsored by the Tai Thong Group.

The hall was filled with noise and laughter when a magician came on stage and performed some magic tricks which left the children in stitches.

The magician also invited some children and USJRA vice-president Melvin Lee up on stage, and they had fun experiencing some of the magic tricks.

An array of games was held soon after for the children.

The games included a mooncake-eating contest as well as dancing and later prizes were given out.

Each child was also given traditional lanterns made of transparent glass paper.


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