Saturday September 27, 2008

Rewards for high achievers

IT is normal for parents to provide extra nutrition for their children before they sit for major examinations such as the PMR and SPM.

A long-time favourite is Brand’s Essence of Chicken, a supplement which has long been known to boost mental clarity and alertness €“ fundamental requirements of every student.

For parents, in addition to giving their child the extra nutrition, they can also add to their education fund by registering their child for the Brand’s High Achiever 2009 Award, where they stand to receive cash rewards by excelling in the major examinations of the Malaysian education system.

For the past two years, Brand’s has rewarded 25 top students nationwide for their outstanding performance in the PMR and SPM exams with cash amounting to RM25,000.

To take part in this awards programme, one has to submit the completed registration form which can be obtained from along with four 70g Brand’s Essence of Chicken bottle caps and parents have to answer a simple question €“ “How you helped your child to succeed?” €“ in not less than 50 words.

Once the exam results are out, a copy of the results slip is to be submitted, which will then determine if the student is one of the Brand’s High Achievers.

The awards will be presented to the top students with the best results in the PMR and SPM 2008 examinations respectively.

Registration forms for the Brand’s High Achievers Award can be obtained from the website and registration is open until Oct 30.

For more details on the awards, visit or call 1-800-88-6226.


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