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Monday September 22, 2008

‘Sacred’ stone attraction

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Large crowds of people - many of whom are four digit punters - have been flocking to an open area at the Bukit Minyak Industrial area near Bukit Mertajam, seeking good luck from a “sacred” granite stone.

Nearby residents claimed the stone was “worshipped” for several years before it was abandoned at the open area where it is found now.

K. Suresh, 26, a lorry driver, who operates a stall at the scene selling flowers and prayer paraphernalia said workers cleaning a monsoon drain and its surroundings discovered the stone below a tree about three weeks ago.

Punters rubbing the stone with water hoping to get their lucky numbers while a curious crowd watches them at the industrial area near Bukit Mertajam on Saturday.

When they tried to lift the stone, they found snakes below it, he said, adding that the workers left the area without removing the stone.

He also said the right side of the stone has an image of Lord Ganesh (Elephant God) while its left has an image of Nagamah (a female Hindu goddess ).

The residents then cleared the surroundings, cemented the area and started to pray for luck, he added.

Several people claimed they saw numbers appearing on the stone when they washed it with water after offering fruits and eggs.

The number of people visiting the area increased as word started to spread. Some came from as far as Kuala Lumpur.

Locals residents have erected temporary stalls selling praying paraphernalia, flowers, fruits and “holy water” to bath the stone.

Ah Poh, 60, from Chai Leng Park near Butterworth said he saw four numbers on the stone when he washed it with water he bought at the stall for RM1.

B. Kala, 38, a mother of three children said she won RM1,400 in Wednesday’s four-digit draw.


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