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Friday July 4, 2008

Anwar’s accuser visited DPM at his home before lodging police report

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan met with Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the latter’s home to seek his view a few days before he lodged a police report against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In disclosing this yesterday, Najib who described Saiful as traumatised, said he listened and was sceptical about the accusation at first.

“I told him I leave it to him,” said Najib, who also said it was the first time he had met Saiful.

He added that when Saiful came to ask for a scholarship earlier, the latter met Najib’s special officer at his office.

Stressing that there was no conspiracy against Anwar, Najib said he was sceptical of Saiful’s accusations and did not want to make any conclusions when Saiful told him he had been sodomised by the PKR adviser.

Najib said he then told Saiful that it was up to him if he wanted to lodge a police report against Anwar.

Asked why he thought that Anwar was making personal attacks against him, Najib said he did not know, adding that perhaps Anwar thought that he was conspiring against him.

“There’s no conspiracy. Actually, this boy came to me to complain that he was sodomised by Anwar.

“I was not convinced at first whether his story was true or otherwise.

“I said to him ‘It’s up to you.’ I left it to him to decide whether he wanted to leave it to the police to investigate and carry out the next course of action.

“I saw him as genuine because he looked so frightened. His hands were cold.

“I advised him to make his own decision, and he decided to tell me everything on what had happened.

“I was not sure whether he was going to lodge a police report,” he added.

Asked what Saiful had told him, Najib said: “A lot.

“The stories are many. Maybe I will reveal them later, but only after the case is completed.”

Najib said the main issue was whether sodomy had happened or not.

Asked whether he would give a statement if an investigation were launched, Najib said he only heard Saiful’s allegation.

“The statement should be from him. It’s important that it should be from him, not from me,” he added.

“You cannot link the two things (Saiful’s visit to the DPM’s office and his meeting with Najib) together.

“He just came for help and he never met me when he came to the office (seeking a scholarship),” he added.

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