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Wednesday July 30, 2008

Heavy traffic has residents worried

THE heavy traffic going into Persiaran Setia at USJ where SMK USJ12 is located is causing worries to many residents of the USJ3A neighbourhood.

The traffic is made worse when cars are parked along two to three lanes of the road as parents drop off their children in the morning for school and wait for them after school hours.

Residents claimed that promises have been made previously for the construction of a pedestrian bridge and traffic lights at the junction but nothing has been done so far.

USJ3A neighbourhood watch group chairman Rusman Zaihan said residents and even the school had been complaining about the traffic situation but no action had been taken so far.

Common sight: In the mornings and evenings, the road gets congested and it can be dangerous to cross.

He also claimed that once an “illegal” slip road or bridge connecting to Batu Tiga is opened by the end of the year, it will add to the congestion.

“This slip road was previously approved with conditions, but we are in the dark over what the conditions are,” Rusman said during a meeting with Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh.

Yeoh had visited Persiaran Setia in the evening to learn more about the congestion.

“We have had two public hearings in the past regarding this matter. This slip road will connect Persiaran Jubli Perak at Batu Tiga with Persiaran Setia.

”Once ready, it’ll be a toll-free access for people to bypass the Batu Tiga toll on the Federal Highway to get to USJ and Subang Jaya,” Rusman said.

USJ3A resident Melinder Kaur Sidhu said residents had requested for an overhead ramp so that children could cross the road and people could cycle from one end to the other.

“Most of the time, vehicles are left with only one usable lane as all the other lanes would be taken up by the waiting vehicles,” Melinder said.

Yeoh acknowledged the standstill traffic during her recent visit at 6.45pm, which was just after school hours.

She had brought the residents’ request up at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) infrastructure meeting and said she would push for the council to build a pedestrian bridge to enable children to cross the road safely.


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