Thursday July 24, 2008

‘Royal’ day for police force

PETALING JAYA: The Royal Malaysian Police celebrate the golden jubilee of carrying the “Royal” title today.

The conferment by the then Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Rahman Tuanku Muhamad to the police force 50 years ago was to recognise the people and country’s appreciation of the police for their loyalty, determination, struggle and sacrifice during the 12 years of communist insurgency between 1948 and 1960.

During the conferment, the King declared the change of name of the police from the Federation Police Force to the Royal Malayan Federation Police.

National pride: The flag of the Royal Malayan Federation Police with the title ‘Diraja’ unveiled during the conferment ceremony 50 years ago. Inset shows the letter issued by the King, awarding the title to the Malayan Police Force.

Among those present during the conferment parade by 700 police officers and men held at the Police Training Centre in Jalan Gurney were then Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Razak Hussin, Police Commissioner W.L.R. Carbonell, Deputy Comm C.H. Fenner and Singapore police Comm A.E.G. Bladers.

It was a proud moment for the police force as the title was considered a great honour at that time, as there were only three other police forces in the Commonwealth that had been conferred the “Royal” title.

The others were the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal Ulster Police Force and the Royal Hong Kong Police Force.

The spirit to defend till their last breath for the safety and sovereignty of the country from the communist was quite remarkable even though most of them were from rural areas.

Police records show a total of 1,346 policemen were killed in the line of duty while 10,698 communist members were killed, of which 5,972 were killed by the police force.

The police, being the main law enforcement agency in the country were tasked during the Emergency period to combat and foil attempts by the communist party wanting to set up a communist state via the use of force and firearms.

The total number of policemen at that time was 161,281 out of which 31,164 were permanent staff while 44,117 were special police and another 86,000 were auxiliary policemen.

Ever since the conferment day, the police force had continued to excel and had succeeded overcoming the many trials and tribulations including the May 13 incident, and right up to the laying down of arms by the communists.


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